Class Attire

PARENT & ME DANCE MOVEMENT FOR 2 YEAR OLDS - leotard and tights, dance shorts or pants - any color (no tutus or skirts). Pink ballet shoes. Parents don't have a dress code, but please wear tennis shoes and clothes your can move in and will allow you to be on the floor if needed.

HIP HOP FLIP FLOP - Comfortable street clothes and tennis shoes. Clothes shouldn't be too loose as to not get caught during tumbling. Dancers will remove shoes for the tumbling part of class. 

COMBINATION CLASS FOR AGES 3 - 6 - Leotard and tights, dance shorts or pants - any color (no tutus or skirts).  Black tap shoes and pink ballet shoes.  Please replace ribbon laces on tap shoes with elastic tap shoe ties. Hair should be pulled back.

JAZZ, CONTEMPORARY, MUSICAL THEATER - Fitted dance tanks or shirts and dance shorts or pants. Any color, no loose fitting clothes. Tan split sole jazz shoes (Bloch Superjazz preferred). Hair should be pulled back off of the face.

TAP - Form fitting dancewear - any color. No jeans.  Black "jazz" tap shoes for tap (prefer Bloch Techno Tap). Hair should be pulled back.

BALLET & POINTE  - Solid black leotard and ballet pink tights only. No skirts. Pink split sole ballet shoes (prefer Bloch style #S0208).  Hair in a ballet bun using bobby pins, a hair net and slicked back.

Dancers will be asked to remove oversized shirts or baggy shorts in all class styles listed above, as they are not allowed in class.

HIP-HOP Comfortable street clothes and tennis shoes - no black soled shoes. Please do not wear jeans or anything you cannot move in. Make sure shoes are free of debri (such as mud or grass). Hair should be pulled back off of the face.


Please do not buy inexpensive tap or ballet shoes from a department or discount shoe store.  These shoes have soles that are not flexible and therefore will make it more difficult for the student to progress in class.  We recommend that you buy your shoes at a dancewear store so that the shoe will enhance the dancers efforts.  It is best to ask your teacher if you have the correct shoes before wearing them to class.


Students are expected to attend class each week with the exception of illness or family emergency.  Makeup classes can be scheduled by the parent or student to make up for classes missed because of illness or family emergency.  Makeup classes are given to ensure the student receives an average of four lessons each month and should be done within two weeks of the absence.  No makeup classes will be available in April or May because we will be preparing for the recital. If you plan to participate in the recital, it is vital that you have good attendance, especially in March, April, & May.  If you have a substantial number of absences between March & May, you should not expect to perform the parts of the routine that were taught during your absences, at the recital.  Good attendance is expected for recital participants to be adequately prepared for the performance.


Students should be dropped off no earlier than 10 minutes prior to class and should be picked up at the end of their scheduled class time. If you will be late picking up your student, call the studio at (927) 727-1722, so we can let the student know. Make sure to remind your student to stay inside the studio until you arrive.


The observation room will be open for parents to observe at any time.  We recommend that you observe your child's class one or two times per month.  This will give you a better feel for the progress than observing every week.  Many classes have crowded observation rooms and taking turns helps alleviate crowding.  Children are allowed in the observation room if they are quiet and accompanied by an adult.


We reserve the right to close the observation room if we feel it is in the best interest of the students.

For the comfort and safety of all our students and families, we ask that there be no unattended children in the studio at any time. All children who are not in class must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  Please plan some quiet activities for children while in the waiting room.  Please do not block walkways in the waiting room area.  DO NOT PLAY BALL in the studio.  Unattended children will be asked to find their parents and stay with them.


If you are not sure classes will be held because of bad weather (ice or snow) check the website or our Facebook page before you leave home.  Information MAY also be available on the answering machine at the studio by calling 972-727-1722.


When a student is disrupting class and has not responded to previous warnings, the student will be asked to sit out of class for a period of time determined by the teacher.


It is our goal at Cindy's School of Dance to instill a love and appreciation for the art of dance in each student. Dancers should gain dignity, poise, grace, and confidence through the classes they attend here. We believe in building up positive personalities with positive feedback.  We strive to position each student in class where they can achieve their maximum potential.

Students who attend our classes will find this is a place for fun with discipline.  By setting behavioral limits in the class room, each student should have the opportunity to meet their potential without disruption.