July 5, 2017

The Photo Gallery Has Been Re-Opened! Orders must be place by Friday, July 7th!

Recital Images are Ready to View & Order! 

Please read the important information below from the Photographer.

To view the recital images, go to the link below on a computer or laptop NOT a device (you may be able to view the images by device but purchasing/ordering will not work by device).  They are in the order of the day, so scroll until you see recognizable costumes. If the image is not here, it means your child did not participate in getting individual images done, as ALL images we took are included.  

Please read the following before viewing the images.

PAYMENT: Treva Tribit Photograpy only accepts Visa or Mastercard for payment. Please make sure to use one of these credit cards when placing your order.

PLEASE do not forget to crop your images if you order prints.  Every year we have parents who forget and are displeased with heads being chopped off when the auto cropping occurs.  If you do not crop your own images you will be stuck ordering and paying for more when you are displeased with the auto cropping, so please please take the time to crop (the site prompts you when selecting the size, and you'll want to select your print size based on how you like it cropped best).

PLEASE check the expiration date, as that is the last day you can order prints or the images. This year it is June 28, 2017! So, not as long, please get your orders in early.

YES, you can purchase your children's high resolution images (digital CD's which come via Google Drive) with print rights as always.  Please select images that your children are in, not images for other families.  We do NOT ask parents with multiple children to purchase additional digital CD's, so if you have siblings, you are welcome to select all the images that your children are in.  


This is a great option for parents who want their images forever, and want to order their own prints. They are high resolution, full print quality, exactly what we use to order prints. WE HAVE TWO OPTIONS FOR CD PURCHASE: A digital CD of THREE images of your choice for $50 or the usual digital CD of all the images of your child and siblings (must have your child in an image to include it) for $100. For either of those, first purchase the CD at the link provided by going into "The Store" and select "Cindy Print CD" for $50 or $100, then "Add to cart" and finish out.  Once paid, THEN you will go "Home" and into the images.  If you scroll over an image you see three options you have for that image, the last one is "Add to image list" which you will do, if it is your child/children, and you want it on your Digital CD (three images for the $50 CD and all your childs images for the $100 CD).  If you click on that image, you can also "add to image list" at the bottom right.  Once you are done, you will go into your Image list, and submit.  That's it!


Scroll over the image, and select the first of the three options "Buy this image." Then at the left, select "A print."  Then select what type of coating you want for your print (most popular is semi-gloss).  Then select the size you want. Then select "CROP" at the bottom and slide it to get the exact cropping you want. If you don't like the way it will crop, select a different size to include more of the image, and crop it.  Type in quantity and "proceed with crop" and then once you are happy, "Add to cart."  Then onto the next image or "check out."  That's it!

Inevitably, things can go wrong, and you might have questions.  Cindy and her staff won't have any answers for those questions, so please contact me atTreva.tribit@gmail.com if you need help!  Again, please remember to crop and to be aware of the expiration date.


Orders will be put through after the expiration date, and once delivered and sorted/packaged, will be brought to Cindy's studio for pick-up. You will receive an email letting you know when they are ready.  For Digital CD's, you will receive an email containing your invitation to receive and upload your images after the expiration date.  Either way, please watch your email! :)

The link to view the images is:


Password: csod2017


1) If I order the $100 digital CD, how many images can i add to my image list? 

You may add any images that are of your child(ren), but none that do not include your child(ren).

2) I can't get the link to pay to work:

Email Treva at Treva.tribit@gmail.com as I can take your credit card info for you if I need to and process it.

3) When I crop the image, things are cut off, can you fix this?

You can fix this by trying a different size image, for instance, if an 8x10 cuts off the sides try a 11x20 or 11X16.

4) Are there shipping costs:

No, we package them, and deliver them to the studio for you to pick up there so you don't have to pay for shipping.

5) I don't see my child's picture:

Did you bring your child back for an individual? If not, the teachers do not do that for you.  If you did, then go through it again looking for the specific costuming your child had on, we kept everything.